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Non-Negotiable Self-Care Tips for Moms

I recently guest-posted over at Girl Bosses Rock on self-care tips for moms.

We women are notorious for taking care of everyone within reach. It is exhausting, but it seems we wouldn’t have it any other way! In order to keep up with the pace we set, we absolutely MUST practice self-care.  It’s a non-negotiable on the priority list.

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And I hear you.  I know how it feels to be looking at a million priorities, trying to figure out how to get it all done. Knowing taking care of yourself is important is one thing.  Making it happen is a whole different deal!

But I assure you, these self-care tips for moms will help you make it happen!

This article answers the following questions:

What is Self-Care?

There are loads of experts, articles, and memes touting the importance of self-care. But what does self-care mean exactly?

What are the Benefits of Self-Care?

Self-Care is Self-Love

Self-Care Improves Relationships

Self-Care Improves Your Health

Non Negotiable Self Care Tips for Moms

Self-Care Tips for Moms

Self-care is not selfish and it is not optional!!

By following these non-negotiable self-care tips for moms, you’ll be refreshed in your mind, body, and spirit – and ready to take on the world!

Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Self-Care Tips for Spiritual Health

Self-Care Tips for Your Health

Self-Care Tips for Work

Encouragement to Take Good Care of Yourself!

Day in and day out, mothers provide for everyone else’s needs – often leaving themselves worn out and exhausted. It is so important that moms take good care of themselves and practice self-care so they can be refreshed and fully present in everything they do.

Go on over to the full article at Girl Bosses Rock and find out how you can balance the priorities and uncover time for self-care practices. 

I thought I had this topic in the bag, but we mamas have lots of bases to cover. As always, I learned so much through writing! It’s also true that I learn so much from you and your comments.  Please share your own self-care tips for moms below!

Here’s to you taking care of you, mama!


If you’re looking for more practical encouragement, I have a book recommendation! You can’t possibly be surprised by that!

I’ve only just begun this read, but am fully engaged and determined to put some of Jessica’s advice to work.

Knowing the benefits of self-care & actually practicing self-care habits are two different things. These self-care tips for moms will help you make it happen! ~Rachel Mayew, Crunchy Christian Mama #selfcare #tipsformoms #moms #selfcarehabits #whatisselfcare #makeithappen

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