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Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy DIY

This Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy and at-home chiropractic massage technique has been a go-to combo at our house for years.

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Antibiotics used to be the go-to approach by pediatricians responding to ear infections in their patients.  Now, a growing majority recommended watchful waiting.  This is because the most prevalent type of ear infection, an infection of the middle ear, generally clears on its own within a week without antibiotics.  Children may feel relief within a day!  Additionally, many infections are viral in nature rather than bacterial, meaning antibiotics are not helpful in these cases.

Since we also know that antibiotics damage gut bacteria, sometimes permanently, and that overuse of these drugs can make bacteria antibiotic resistant, an alternative is greatly welcome!

Though moms may know and fully support this approach, it isn’t comforting when a child is in pain.  Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy

Important Reminders

**Follow fever guidelines for your child’s age and call your pediatrician when indicated.  If ear symptoms continue or worsen after 3 days, call your pediatrician.  Contact your pediatrician right away if: your child seems very ill with symptoms of stiff neck and high fever, there is sudden hearing loss, dizziness or severe pain, there is swelling or redness behind or around the ear or the child is under 6 months.**

I am a mom seeking empowerment in my family’s medical decisions.  I go natural whenever possible.  Watchful waiting is my norm.  I am not a medical professional. You should know, however, that I have never faced the need for an appointment when using this method, as pain relief is immediate with symptoms fully dissipating within a few days.

Why Use Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy?

This Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy offers a beautiful, moderate approach.  Above all, garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral.  Along with an at-home chiropractic technique to open the ear and promote drainage, pain is relieved and the body is able to speed its own healing process.

Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy


  • 1 clove organic garlic
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

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  1. Peel and roughly chop the garlic clove.
  2. Add garlic and olive oil to a small, unheated pan.
  3. Warm the oil and garlic together over low heat.  Do not allow oil to overheat, bubble or smoke.
  4. Watch carefully and let combine over heat until garlic is fragrant.  This generally takes 20 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat.
  6. Pour the garlic oil into a sterilized glass bottle, straining out the garlic pieces. Cool to skin temp.


Have child lay on their side, with affected ear facing up.

Begin with this Ear Opener Massage.

  • Gently pull the ear lobe down, toward the shoulder.
  • Gently pull the ear lobe forward, in same direction face is pointed.
  • Gently pull the ear lobe outward in circular motion away from the face, then toward the back of head.
  • Release ear lobe and repeat full down, forward, back sequence 3 times.

This is a small range of motion, especially on a child so you may want to practice on yourself and notice when you feel opening in your ear.

Using a sterilized dropper, put two or three drops of Garlic Oil into the ear.

Repeat ear opener sequence in full 1-2 times.  Also, don’t worry if some of the oil spills out of the ear.  Rubbing the excess oil onto the outer area of the ear and jaw will similarly aid in pain relief.

Once application is complete, gently place a piece of cotton over the opening of the ear just enough to stop the oil from seeping out.

Have the child lay in the same position for about 10 minutes.  Gently stroking the face and jaw line while reading them a book or watching a show is usually enough distraction to get a sick little one to take this rest.


Store remaining oil in the refrigerator.  Use or toss within 3 days.

To warm oil, place the bottle in a glass of warm water, roll the bottle between your hands or carry it in your pocket for a few minutes.

Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a day to fight off infection and relieve pain.

Additional Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy Resources:

I reuse various bottles from vitamins and minerals, but these glass bottles with droppers are great alternatives to have on hand for Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy and other tinctures.


If you or your child face recurring ear infections, you may want to keep a bottle of this Herb Pharm oil on hand as it’s shelf stable.  Once ordered, it’s ready any time, including the middle of the night!

This Kids Ear Oil compound is a blend of Mullein, Calendula, St. John’s Wort, and Garlic extracts.  The certified organic and sustainably wild-crafted herbs are hand-harvested at peak potency and quickly extracted in certified organic olive oil.

Though this is labeled for kids, the ingredients used are the same as the adult version.  


Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy DIY Recipe. Most ear infections self heal within a few days but that isn't comforting when you or your child is in pain! This simple, powerful remedy with ear opener massage relieves pain and speeds healing. PLUS enter for a free chance to win Kids Ear Oil by Herb Pharm thru 9/12/18! #rachelmayew #garlic #ear #infection #ache #naturalremedy


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