I write my Faith Articles from a desire to show women how we can merge spiritual growth and living it out practically with our friends and family. So often, we feel pressured to segregate portions of our life into Spiritual and Non-Spiritual. Or depending on what you heard growing up, Spiritual and Secular. That word, "secular", still has the power to make me sit up straighter and double check there's no runs in my stockings. But God isn't offended by our humanity. We don't need to box up anything non-spiritual and pretend it doesn't exist. He wants to give us life to the fullest, which doesn't equate to burdening ourselves this way. Here's what I believe and what provides the foundation of all my faith articles. Jesus Christ laid down his life and took it back up again so that we never have to experience distance from God, unless it is by our own choice.  I believe that we have nothing to offer God that he doesn’t already have access to. There’s no amazing talent that he needs to borrow from us. Through his lavish love and grace, however, he invites us to work alongside him loving and healing a broken world, one person at a time.  God doesn’t want anything from us, but desires every good thing for us;mind, body and spirit!

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