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I’m so glad you decided to check out my Crunchy Christian Mama blog! That description has many layers, so let’s peel a few back.

About Me

My husband, Aaron, and I have been married for 15 years and have two elementary-age children; a son in 5th grade and a daughter in 1st grade. We love living on the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida and can’t seem to get enough beach days or bike nights!

I am always searching for ways to preserve presence of mind and impart some gentleness to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pace of life with kids.  Taking time out to honor what I find valuable acts as a reset button for my mind, body and spirit, not to mention my priorities!

Here, I’ll be sharing ways I’ve found for Crunchy Christian Mamas to tend their mind, body, spirit connection in a way that honors God and the people he’s placed around us.

You belong here!

Before you go and decide you don’t fit in here, I want to tell you that I rarely attain the perfect, gold star crunchy lifestyle status. That’s not even a goal!

Just like all the mamas in all the places, I want the best for my kids and the world they’re inheriting.

Rather than working to achieve a status or label, I take it decision by decision.

Similar to a faith journey, adopting a natural lifestyle is different for everyone! So whether you tiptoed in or full on cannonballed into the deep end, you’re welcome here!

There are so many times we as moms second guess ourselves. I’m sure you’re practiced at wrestling with inner dialogue that repeatedly asks “Are you sure?” What if…?”. To combat this, we have to remind ourselves of what we know to be true and what led us to this place.

You also probably know how it feels having to defend a position on parenting, faith and/or natural options to your partner, pediatrician, family members, friends, bible study group, school nurse, on and on and on.

It is my hope that here you’ll find empowerment to trust your inner voice and not be afraid to tip the scales in order to find balance in this wildly fun and rowdy life!

Holistic Lifestyle: Mind, Body, Spirit

My holistic lifestyle articles focus on practical spiritual growth and empowering moms to make informed, natural choices in physical and emotional health for themselves and their families.  I believe the mind, body and spirit are intimately connected and that God would have us take great care of each part.

As part of a holistic lifestyle, I believe the way we go about everything from health maintenance and self-care to parenting and relationships, should work together and not against the betterment of the whole.  This means listening to our inner voice, not trying to silence its warnings or urgings, and also teaching our kids to listen to their own inner voice.

Encouragement for the Crunchy Christian Mama

I believe that Jesus Christ laid down his life and took it back up again so that we never have to experience distance from God, unless it is by our own choice.  I believe that we have nothing to offer God that he doesn’t already have access to. There’s no amazing talent that he needs to borrow from us.

Through his lavish love and grace, however, he invites us to work alongside him loving and healing a broken world, one person at a time.  God doesn’t want anything from us, but desires every good thing for us; mind, body and spirit!

This also goes for our sweet babes. God calls our kids to work alongside him, loving and caring for this world and all the beautiful people, plants and animals in it! He knit each of them together. He knows what brings balance to their individual mind, body, spirit connection.  We just have to help them listen to his voice.

God says he gently leads those with young.  Can I get an AMEN for some gentle guidance and leadership in all the crazy of motherhood? He sees you mama and he wants the best for you and your young.

That said, no matter your spiritual leanings, I hope you’ll find encouragement here!

Enough about me.  What about you?

I’d love to know more about you, too!  Wherever you are in your Crunchy Christian Mama journey, join in the conversation by commenting on a post and connecting with me on social media!

You can also email me with things you’re interested in learning more about! I’d love to seek out answers on your behalf!


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