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This Sugar Detox Starter Plan is all you need to quit sugar!

Since posting our Sugar Detox results, I’ve had a lot of questions about what we fed the kids.  This post and the printable Sugar Detox Starter Plan will help anyone, regardless of their age or relationship with sugar, give detoxing a try!

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Though kids get a bad wrap for being picky eaters, I try to think of it as not yet having enough exposure to different versions of the same food.  Maybe they just haven’t met their match yet!

For instance, my son loves a smoothie.  Even the smoothies that aren’t all that special meet his approval.  My daughter, however, stated she was “over smoothies” around the end of the detox and prefers raw veggies and salad instead.  I credit the detox process for changing everyone’s tastes and allowing such preferences to shine through.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Let’s avoid the ‘Picky Eater’ label and go with ‘Highly Opinionated Food Critic’.  Do you have one or two of these at your house?  Maybe it’s you.  A detox, can help the most hardened skeptic meet & fall in love with their veggie matches! #detox #veggielove” quote=”So we’ll stay away from the ‘Picky Eater’ label and go with the more acclaimed ‘Highly Opinionated Food Critic’.  Do you have one or two of these at your house?  Maybe it’s you.  Hopefully, by the end of your detox, even the most hardened skeptic will have met and fallen in love with their veggie matches!”]

Rachel, remind me what you did on your Detox.

The 10 Day Sugar Detox we did was through Standard Process’ Blood Sugar Support Program.  It included a lot of supplements for cleansing the body, diminishing sugar cravings and maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism, as well as loads of leafy greens, no sugar, grains, caffeine, alcohol or processed foods.

Even with the modifications, we saw major changes in their taste preferences and openness to new foods.  They also slept better and had improved energy – the quality stuff, not hyperactive madness.  You can read more about our incredible results here.  We experienced some pretty big changes in such a short time period. I was pretty floored!

I’ve included a link at the bottom of this post for accessing a Sugar Detox Starter Plan.  It’s simple to follow and allows you to pick and choose which veggies are in your comfort zone.  I hope as you get a few days in, you’ll feel more adventurous and try something brand new.  I know we all did and we’re better for it!

Here are a few tips garnered from our experience!

Keep Your Goals in Mind

You’ll need to zero in on a goal of what foods you’ll include, and your goal(s) for what you hope to accomplish by detoxing.  Notice I didn’t say “your goal of what you’ll stay away from”.  This is about freedom and health!  Let’s focus on the the good!

The Sugar Detox Starter Plan I’ve included below provides a minimum of 5 daily servings of veggies and eliminates all sugar, aside from that naturally found in fruit & veggies.  So is that enough to detox?  Health.gov recommends at least 3 vegetable servings per day.  For the adult portion of our detox with Standard Process, we were instructed to eat 13-15 servings per day!  We set the goal of 6-8 each day for the kids.  Post-detox they’re getting about 4 servings per day and we’re closer to 8 servings per day.

Remember the veggies help keep you full and show toxins the door.  Don’t skimp! Give yourself a number range of servings and shoot high!  You can add more servings by including a salad with each meal and choosing veggies at snack time.  If you have a goal, I’m betting you’ll make it happen!  If the goal is high and you reach it, you’ll be confident you can do a lessened version afterwards.  Your tastes will probably change too, making this a true lifestyle change!

Prep is key!

Remember, you may experience some icky symptoms as you detox.  Prepping will save you loads of energy and thought!

  • Cut veggies in advance for snacks and inclusion in meals.
  • Create big salads with torn or shredded mixed greens.  Having it washed and ready may not sound like a big chore, but it will make healthy choices all that much easier!
  • You’ll go through a LOT of bananas.  They do the best job of masking the taste of veggies in smoothies, and also lend a rich creaminess.  I recommend freezing bananas ahead of time.  Slice and flash freeze on a parchment lined baking sheet for about an hour.  Transfer to a reusable freezer-safe container. Flash freezing helps prevent all of the slices from sticking together in a giant, unusable clump.
  • The printable Sugar Detox Starter Plan (link below!) includes a recipe for Turkey “Sausage” Patties.  You can follow the same flash freezing process with them, uncooked burgers and grilled or baked chicken tenders.  Here’s a great article on making your own frozen burgers for grilling.

Stay Hydrated

Infused water, unsweetened flavored soda water, coconut water and iced green or passion tea are great ways to switch it up.

You can find loads of ideas for fruit, citrus and herb infused water on my Pinterest board, Staying Hydrated!

Try new smoothie recipes.

Speaking of Pinterest…..you’ll find more recipes that you could make in a lifetime.

My basic smoothie includes:

  • 1 cup total liquid (so all water, some coconut water or half water & half non-dairy milk, etc.)
  • .5 – 1 cup veggies, fresh or frozen (half a cup = 1 serving)
  • .5 cup fruit, fresh or frozen
  • Ice, if desired
  • Flaxseed Oil, if desired (see benefits here)
  • Stevia, if desired

Try searching for smoothie recipes using your preferred veggie and “No Sugar Smoothie”.  Sub stevia for any sugar substitute listed.

I went through several brands of stevia before finding one that met my requirements:

  • minimal ingredients
  • tastes sweet without a weird chemical or bitter taste afterwards

Sounds pretty simple, right?  It’s apparently harder to pull off than one might think!

I finally found Stevia by SweetLeaf.  This brand is the best tasting brand BY FAR!  It only takes a bit to sweeten a coffee, tea or smoothie.  I love that it comes in both liquid and powder form.  In the powdered version, a tenth of a teaspoon equals the sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar, so you can really stretch out the supply!  We use the powder, sold in a shaker canister. It has openings for sprinkling or spooning out.  Just remember to start lightly as it does pack a sweet punch!

You can also freeze any smoothie in ice pop molds!  Or turn it into a shake by adding coconut milk and vanilla extract or cocoa powder and a little extra Stevia.  I started doing these with any smoothies that weren’t initially met with acceptance by my Highly Opinionated Food Critics.  Necessity is the mother of invention!  This is also what helped me determine what veggies really do blend well in smoothies.  There’s a list of mild veggies to include in breakfast smoothies and recipes for ice pops and a “dessert” smoothie in the Sugar Detox Starter Plan (link below)!

Take a stance on peanuts.

Peanuts get mixed reviews in the health community.  Our Standard Process detox omitted them.  Do a little research and make an informed choice for your family.

I hope all of that helps!  If you have a question that I missed answering, please send it my way!  Use the comment section below.  I bet other readers will be glad you did!  Or feel free to email me at rachel@rachelmayew.com.

All my best to you, friend!

Wondering what everyone would eat if you launched a family sugar detox? This Sugar Detox Starter Plan w/ printable menu makes it easy!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

In this free Sugar Detox Starter Plan printable, I break down which fruits and veggies fit in best at each meal and include options for sneaky vegetables that will convince even the most skeptical pallet. There are also a few recipes to get you started.  Highly opinionated food critics welcome here!


  • Lanalda Wilson

    There is so much valuable information in this post. I want to try many of your suggestions. But my first step is to buy some Stevia by Sweetleaf. I had given up on Stevia because every brand I tried tasted bitter. I sure hope that Stevia by Sweetleaf works for me!

    • admin

      It’s been revolutionary at our house! I was avoiding sugar, but still using maple syrup or honey which is not really a good option for diabetics! 😱 It’s available at Publix & I believe Kroger, but half the price at Amazon. 😉

  • Jessica

    Such helpful info. I have Mom guilt over eating clean myself but allowing my kids too many processed grains and minimal veggies just because it’s easier. I am ready to make some changes in my boys’ eating! Thank you!

  • Lisa

    So good! Love that you included tips on the whole family. So often I feel alone in this and have to prep the family meal separate! This helps take the load off!

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